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Practitioners database

CLGF recognises the value and quality of people working in the local government sector across the Commonwealth, particularly for their skills and achievements in affecting change. It also committed to promoting partnerships and engaging practitioners throughout its work. The Practitioners Database draws together these values by offering practitioners and members the opportunity to share their skills with others and gain new skills and exposure in the process.


CLGF’s flagship programme the Good Practice Scheme, which has now completed its third phase, partners local authorities and local government associations from across the Commonwealth to generate innovative solutions for improving service delivery, governance and corporate planning at the local level. As an extension of the programme, CLGF has been developing a database of experienced and talented local government professionals from across the Commonwealth that can be deployed to provide practical support and advice to local governments, in true Commonwealth partnership spirit.

Who is the database for?

Local governments, members and development actors are invited to use the database to find local government practitioners that can offer technical support and advice for projects relating to local government.

Local government practitioners can join the database, to be deployed on discrete assignments to assist local governments, members and development actors on local government projects that require the practitioner’s unique skillset.

How does it work?

  1. Local governments, members and development actors input their requirements for an assignment into the database
  2. The database matches the skills of its registered practitioners against the requirements of assignment and generates suitable candidates
  3. The database will immediately advise users how many potential practitioners it has available for the task and CLGF will contact the user for a more comprehensive understanding of their requirements.
  4. If there is a suitable practitioner available, conditions and contracts will be and exchanged and agreed
  5. A practitioner will be deployed for the assignment

Find a practitioner from the database

Are you looking for technical assistance on a local government project?

If you are a CLGF member or based in a Commonwealth country and looking for people with expertise and experience in local government for project support, speakers, workshop facilitators, technical, our database of practitioners may be able to help. To search the database you will need to login or register as a new user on the website, click here to proceed.

Join the database as a practitioner

Are you a current or recently retired local government practitioner keen to share your skills?

We are now looking to expand the database and calling for applications from practitioners to join. The practitioners database is a facility that enables serving or recently retired local government officers (from councils, local government associations, and ministries) or councillors to take on short-term assignments, with the consent of their employing organisation. 

To join the database you will need to fulfil certain criterion and go through a selection process, for more information click here.

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