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Biography: Hon Hazel Manning

 Minister of Local Government, Trinidad and Tobago; CLGF Vice Chair

Senator, the Hon Hazel Manning joined the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago in 2001 when she was appointed Minister of Education. In 2007 she was reappointed to the Senate following the General Elections of that year and became the country's first female Minister of Local Government. She brings to this sphere of government, a vigour for change: to transform this institution to make it more responsive to the demands and expectations of citizens. As part of the framework of local government reform,Minister Manning is pursuing  improved service delivery to communities by forging strategic partnerships and fostering citizen participation in the conduct of local government business. This transformation of local government  has a foundation in the Vision 2020 National Strategic Plan and supports the pillar of "Promoting Effective Government."
Minister Manning is President of the Organisation of American States (OAS) Inter-American Ministerial Committee on Education and First Vice-President of the Board of the Inter-Governmental Commitee on Education for latin America and the Caribbean.

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