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Practitioners database

CLGF is committed to promoting practitioner involvement and partnership throughout its work, and recognises the value and quality of people in the local government sector across the Commonwealth, particularly their achievements in creating change; which can be extremely valuable to others. CLGF’s flagship programme, the Good Practice Scheme, which has now completed its third phase, partners local authorities and local government associations from across the Commonwealth to generate innovative solutions for improving service delivery, governance and corporate planning at the local level.

 As an extension to that programme, CLGF has been building up a database of experienced and talented local government professionals.   The aim is to enable local government practitioners to provide practical support and advice to other members across the Commonwealth, in true partnership spirit.  

The database has been designed to complement the work of the CLGF Good Practice Scheme and to provide access to willing and skilled expertise, and is founded on the premise that practitioner expertise has a key role to play in development at local government level.

To date, practitioners on the database have been used as speakers, workshop facilitators, technical advisors and project support in member states. 

Registering to be included in the database

We are now looking to expand the database and calling for applications from practitioners to join. 

The practitioners’ database is a facility that enables serving or recently retired local government officers (from councils, local government associations, and ministries) or councillors to put themselves forward to be available to take on short-term assignments, with the consent of their employing organisation. 

Assignments are varied in nature, practitioners may be called to support a ministry of local government to draft or redraft local government legislation, assist a council in planning and delivering a major consultation exercise, advise on developing governance arrangements for a medium term strategic plan or deliver a waste management training session. There is no guarantee of assignments; practitioners will only be called if an assignment matches their skill set and will be away for a few weeks a year at the most. Database members are likely to be required to travel abroad to complete their assignments but the length and frequency of assignments varies. As well as growing the capacity of local governments, it is an excellent opportunity for practitioners to also improve their own skills and capacity. 

The database has some very specific criteria. To join you must be:

  • a citizen of Commonwealth country
  • able to travel overseas
  • a local government practitioner with relevant experience and expertise
  • enthusiastic to do work or undertake short projects to assist colleagues in other local authorities to make improvements and developments to their structures or services. 

We are looking for people with a depth of experience in areas ranging from corporate governance to democratic engagement, service delivery, finance and management. 

Information for applications on how to apply.

Registering to search the database of practitioners

If you are a CLGF member or based in a Commonwealth country and looking for people with expertise and experience in local government for project support, speakers, workshop facilitators, technical, our database of practitioners may be able to help.

Information for organsations wishing to search the database.

Find out more

Please contact CLGF if you require any further information or assistance

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