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10 September 2017

With rapid urbanisation a major feature of the development agenda - evidenced by Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 (to create cities that are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable) - CLGF has been able to make significant progress in this area by hosting the new Steering Committee of the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network (CSCN). 


At the beginning of September, CLGF brought together a handful of experts made up of elected members and officials: Mayor of Belize Darrell Bradley; Colombo’s Deputy Municipal Commissioner Thamara Mallawaarachchi; Chief Strategy Officer Adrian Peters from eThekwini (Durban); the West of England Combined Authority Mayor Tim Bowles; Windhoek’s Mayor Muesee Kazapua; and, representing the private sector, Microsoft’s David Burrows. The group was able to draw up a blueprint for future work by reviewing priorities and the overall vision of the CSCN; and looking at ways to integrate CSCN’s work with the wider membership through targeted policies and engagement of LGAs and government ministries.  


First launched at the 2015 Commonwealth Local Government Conference in Botswana, the aim of the CSCN is to look at the impact of rapid urbanisation by bringing together mayors from across the Commonwealth, to review the best ways to create prosperous and healthy cities, while also developing rural and small state economies.  
CLGF Secretary-General Greg Munro explained: “This is one area where we should be working more closely with our membership, including city members, to strengthen strategies for effective urbanisation. I believe this group brings a rich mix of experience and knowledge to drive forward our work and get the best outcomes to share with our membership.”     



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