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Commonwealth Heads of Government formally recognised the role of local government in enhancing democratic governance, delivery of essential services and promoting local economic development by endorsing the CLGF Kampala Declaration on Developmental Local government. They further endorsed the declaration of 2014 as the Year of Developmental Local Government, which was first launched by the CLGF Executive Committee at its meeting in November 2013 in London.

According to the Kampala declaration on developmental local government,
Developmental local government entails:

• local democratic governance that is inclusive, transparent and participatory;
• democratic development and public participation;
• innovative, sustainable, people-sensitive local economic growth and social development;
• integrated and coordinated development activities of public and non-state agents;
• human rights, gender equality, cultural diversity and opposition to discrimination;
• leadership and building social capital, peace, stability and dialogue

Following this high level political endorsement, CLGF invites all its members and partners to join CLGF in marking 2014 as the Year of Developmental Local Government and to get involved through your events, activities and campaigns. 

What you can do:

• Hold an event themed around developmental local government, or incorporate developmental local government into one of your existing events such as democracy days or weeks, local government association conferences, or specific seminars and workshops. You can use some of the materials below to badge your event and for background documents.

• Share your information on case studies of good practice that demonstrate developmental local government: send us your write-ups and photographs of developmental local government in action, and reports and feedback from events linked to the theme.

• Use the resources to help make your own policy recommendations for local government, central government, other stakeholders and CLGF for developmental local government

• Tell us about new policies and legislation which you think help to strengthen the developmental role of local government in your country,

• Use the Year of Developmental Local Government to support your own lobbying and advocacy work to promote local government’s role in the post 2015 global development agenda.

• Download and display the poster at your events, and use the logo on your event and activity materials and publications and on your website

• Sent out tweets about your events and activities using #Y2014DevLG

• Send us your photos to include on our Facebook page, website and other media; join in our conversations on LinkedIn.

The information you send us will be used to highlight current good practice through:

• special editions of CLGF e-newsletter dedicated to member contributions on developmental local government
• social media – we will be actively engaging on social media by sending out regular tweets, retweeting the content you post, sharing photos and info on Facebook and having discussions through the CLGF group on LinkedIn
• the CLGF website, where we will feature events and case studies.

We will also collect together some of the most interesting case studies to include in a publication on developmental local government at the end of 2014.

Resources to download for free:

• 2014 Year of Developmental Local Government poster 
• 2014 Year of Developmental Local Government calendar
• 2014 Year of Developmental Local Government logo 
• 2014 Year of Developmental Local Government twitter background
Briefing paper for CLGF members on developmental local government
Background paper for 2013 Commonwealth Local Government Conference on Developmental Local Government
Report of 2013 Commonwealth Local Government Conference on Developmental Local Government
Kampala declaration on developmental local government, outcome statement from 2013 Commonwealth Local Government Conference, Kampala, Uganda

For further information see also:

CLGF Secretary-General’s blog on 2014 Year of Developmental Local Government, January 2014

Developmental local government and post-2015 development agenda, statement presented by CLGF to Commonwealth Heads of Government at their meeting in Sri Lanka, November 2013

CLGF regional events

CLGF Southern Africa regional conference, Malawi, March 2014
Local economic development (LED) is a key approach to development and should be mainstreamed into the work of local government. Participants at the event, including ministers with responsibility for local government, ministry officials, council leaders and town clerks, local government association presidents and secretary-generals and representatives of development and other partners in the region, looked at a common understanding of LED and an enabling framework.

Pacific Local Government Forum, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 19-23 May 2014
The Pacific Local Government Forum is the leading event on local government in the Pacific region. The theme is Pacific futures: building our local communities and focus on developmental local government to drive community prosperity.

CLGF Board meeting, Abuja, Nigeria 12-13 June 2014
The CLGF Board meeting sets the policies and work programme for CLGF and this year will have a strong emphasis on developmental local government and how CLGF is supporting local governments in its developmental role.

Examples of country events

Botswana: The Botswana Association of Local Authorities (BALA) annual conference will be held around the theme of developmental local government.

Jamaica: This year’s Local Government Week will focus on developmental local government.

Uganda will celebrate the Africa day of decentralisation on 10 August using the theme Developmental local government.



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