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Driving economic development locally in South Asia

Local governments are engines of growth and have a leading role in local economic development, according to a CLGF regional symposium in Colombo this week. Delegates at the symposium described how local government is responsible for many of the key services - such as infrastructure, licensing, market development and basic services - necessary for effective local economic development (LED).

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Local governments in South Asia discuss LED, boost cooperation

Local government stakeholders from across South Asia are meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka, today (29 September) to look at good practice on approaches to local economic development and strengthen the regional network so that local governments can boost their voice in the region.

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Habitat III should reflect post-2015 localisation says CLGF

There is a substantial international consensus on the need to localise the post-2015 development agenda and this should be reflected in the preparations for Habitat III, said CLGF chairperson Mayor Lawrence Yule speaking at the opening consultation session of local and regional governments with the Secretary-General of UN Habitat III on 15 September.

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