Commonwealth Local Government Forum

Sharing policy and practice

CLGF promotes the exchange of experience and information between spheres of government and with partner organisations who work with local government to:

  • promote greater understanding of local government trends
  • share experience, innovation and good practice
  • help member local authorities to deliver better services and governance
  • develop policy recommendations.

It does this through:

  • conferences and events, including the bi-ennial Commonwealth local government conference
  • workshops and practitioner meetings
  • the Commonwealth Local Government Handbook, a reference guide to local government in the Commonwealth, which includes country profiles of the local government systems in all the countries of the Commonwealth
  • publications including research publications, including the Commonwealth e-journal of local governance and research reports on specific local government issues
  • policy topic guides and briefings
  • case studies
  • the CLGF website and knowledge hub.

CLGF networks

CLGF also has a number of knowledge sharing networks including

Key thematic areas

Local economic development

Local government finance

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