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Equitable and efficient service delivery is at the heart of local government’s mandate. The resources in this section focus on the management and delivery of key strategic, corporate and technical services, ranging from those for which local government has direct responsibility, to shared service provision, and services for which local government is a partner.



Yes to Local Government, No to Participatory Democracy: The Local Governance Reform Dilemma in Trinidad, St. Lucia and St. Vincent

In the Commonwealth Caribbean countries of St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago, local government reform has been and continues to remain on the agenda. The proposals are all based on the philosophy that there should be elected local government, which in turn should facilitate substantive levels of participatory democracy and citizen involvement. But whilst there is general acceptance of this philosophy, central governments are seemingly reluctant to implement any reforms which would return power to the people. Citizen involvement and participatory democracy has thus become the bug-bear in the process, and has led to the stalling of local government reform in all three countries. With reforms having stalled, one wonders whether the next step will be the dissolution of systems of local government in these states.

Author: Bishnu Ragoonath Publisher: Publication year: may 2009

Canadian city adds automated services, saves money with cloud solution

In effort to bring its technological capabilities in line with other major cities, the City of Regina, Canada, built a portal powered by Microsoft Azure to handle community sign-on for accessing city services and viewing public utility bills. The city also adopted Microsoft Office 365 to increase productivity of government employees and serve citizens more efficiently. As a result of its move to the cloud, the city enhanced municipal worker output and saved taxpayer dollars in IT infrastructure costs.

Author: Microsoft Publisher: Microsoft Publication year: 2018

Service Agreement Templates

These templates are meant to act as guides for organizizng a service agreement. Clauses will need to be altered, added and deleted to ensure that the agreement is best suited to fit the unique needs of your community. For example, the payment section of the template is only a suggestion; parties may wish to structure their payment for services differently based on the desired level of services and needs. Communications Protocol TemplateWater and Wastewater Service Agreement TemplateSolid Waste Service Agreement TemplateFire Protection Service Agreement TemplateRecreation Service Agreement TemplateComprehensive Service Agreement TemplateTransit Service Agreement TemplateAnimal Control Service Agreement Template

Author: Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Publisher: Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Publication year: 2018

Twitter Manual for Governments

Guidelines for public institutions based on the experience of the Government of Catalonia

Author: Government of Catalonia Publication year: 2017

Making infrastructure work for men and women

This report provides a gender review of a decade and a half of World Bank infrastructure lending for 1,246 projects. The objective of this review is to assess the status of and trends in gender integration in the World Bank infrastructure portfolio, and to establish a baseline for monitoring and enhancing gender integration in line with commitments made for the 2006 Gender Action Plan.

Author: World Bank Publisher: World Bank Publication year: 2010

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