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LED World Forum report back

LED World Forum report back

02 November 2017
CLGF joined more than 2900 participants from 85 countries at the end of October for the 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development (LED) in Cape Verde: delegates from central and local government, civil society, the UN and its agencies and other members of the development community. Read More
World Cities Day: a view from CLGF's Secretary-General
The 31st of October each year is designated by the United Nations as World Cities Day. The day aims to engage the international community in addressing the opportunities and challenges of urbanisation and contribute to sustainable urban development. The theme for 2017 is Innovative Governance, Open Cities. Read More
Pacific women traders building capacity
Women across the Pacific are increasing their skills and knowledge about operating local markets thanks to the UN Women Markets for Change (M4C) project delivered by CLGF, funded largely by the Australian Government. Read More
CLGF showcases LED on the world stage
CLGF is showcasing some of the excellent LED initiatives they are working on with member countries at the 4th World Forum of local Economic Development (LED) taking place in Cape Verde from 17-20 October. Read More
CLGF address to Northern Ireland councils
CLGFs Secretary-General gave a clear message to the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) Annual Conference about the role of partnerships in overcoming future challenges. Read More
Belize City municipal bonds fund capital projects
With the focus of CLGC2017 on finding new and innovative ways to resource local government to deliver quality services for its citizens, we wanted to ask Mayor of Belize City and CLGF Board Member Darrell Bradley more about their exciting initiative. Read More
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