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14 February 2018

Do you have links to the Commonwealth - family members, friends or work colleagues; or would you like to find out more about this incredible organisation, representing 53 countries and 2.4 billion people - a third of the world's population? Well look no further because the Commonwealth Big Lunches provide the ideal opportunity to do just this.


Events in all Commonwealth countries

The UK Government has joined with the Eden Project to launch Commonwealth Big Lunches this year in celebration of the Commonwealth and to coincide with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The idea is for groups of people to come together, share food, celebrate connections and learn more about the Commonwealth. Lunches will happen at any time from Commonwealth Day on12 March, until the end of the Commonwealth summit on 22 April, and the aim is for events to be organised throughout the Commonwealth.


Reflecting the cultural diversity and wealth of the Commonwealth, the lunches will naturally vary across the world. Where you hold your Commonwealth Big lunch, and how you organise it is entirely up to you.  It would be great to see lunches taking place in as many communities as possible in all 53 member countries.


Lunches are being held on boats, in schools, community halls, parliaments, parks and at the Commonwealth Games. They can be of all shapes and sizes: from large-scale gatherings, like street parties, to smaller events for just a few people in gardens, round somebody's kitchen table or in staff rooms. Prepare your favourite food and share your thoughts on the Commonwealth - the most important thing is that people come together to celebrate.  


When you host a lunch from 12 March - 22 April, please take photos and post them on social media using the hashtag #CommonwealthBigLunch. Please email the CHOGM2018 team if you have any questions. 

Information pack

To find out more visit the Commonwealth Big Lunches website where you can obtain a free information pack. 



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