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Commonwealth High Commissions meet CLGF

09 May 2019


CLGF hosted an event last week for representatives of the Commonwealth High Commissions to strengthen ties and improve mutual understanding.  


With several CLGF members coming to London to take part in the Executive Committee, it seemed an ideal opportunity to invite the High Commissions along to meet both members and staff, and to find out more about the work and mission of the organisation.  


Excellent representation


The excellent turn-out included representatives from the Bahamas, Botswana, Dominica, Fiji, Ghana, Guyana, Jamaica, New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, Tanzania, the UK and Zambia. The session was hosted by CLGF Chairperson Cllr Rev Mpho Moruakgomo with CLGF members: Cllr Uwimana and Mr Ladislas from Rwanda; Mayor Cull from New Zealand; Hon Minister Moulana from Sri Lanka; and Cllr Small from the UK.


Presentations from CLGF Secretary-General, Dr Greg Munro, Deputy Secretary-General, Ms Lucy Slack; and Programme Manager Claire Frost provided an overview of CLGF, its purpose and membership; and detailed some of the programme work the organisation is implementing together with member local governments, associations and ministries across the Commonwealth.


Regional staff 


Dr Munro explained, "The headquarters of CLGF may be in London, but we are very proud to have staff based throughout the Commonwealth in regional and project-based offices. This includes the Caribbean, India, the Pacific and Southern Africa (regional offices); and Ghana, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zambia (project offices)."


DSG Lucy Slack added, "To work effectively with our members - and donors - it is vital to have excellent in-country contacts throughout the Commonwealth, but we also very much value the support of the Commonwealth High Commissions based in London." 


The meeting concluded with a lively discussion over lunch.


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