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Would you like to host the 2019 Commonwealth Local Goverment Conference 

STOP PRESS: Bidding extended to 28 February 2017

Bidding is open for proposals to host CLGF's flagship event

CLGF is inviting bids to host the 2019 Commonwealth Local Government Conference. 


The Commonwealth Local Government Conference is a unique opportunity for those in leadership positions in local government - senior mayors and local government leaders, ministers, permanent secretaries, senior officials and other stakeholders from across the Commonwealth - to meet and look at innovations around key policy issues and practical solutions. 

Benefits of hosting Commonwealth Local Government Conference

Hosting the Commonwealth Local Government Conference provides a valuable opportunity for the host city/partnership and host country to:

•    project themselves internationally and raise their global profile
•    interact with national and international government and local government leaders from across the world and important personalities from major international organisations, development partners and other agencies 
•    provide a boost for local government in the host country and highlight local innovations and good local government practice 
•    bring inward investment and spin-offs for local business, community organisations and tourism, not only during the conference, but also in the run-up and afterwards.

As part of the conference legacy and dissemination of the outcomes, the report/recommendations of the conference will be formally submitted to the 2020 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting for consideration and endorsement as well as widely disseminated to CLGF members and used by them in developing their own policy and practice to encourage new thinking and approaches.

Previous conferences have attracted Heads of Government, Commonwealth Secretary-Generals and high profile guest speakers such as UNDP Administrator Rt Hon Helen Clark, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Professor Jeffrey Sachs as well as some 600 delegates attending each event. 

How to apply to host the 2019 Conference

The closing date for submitting bids to CLGF has been exgtended to 28 February 2017

Bidding criteria

Application form

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