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  • CLGF scholarship for distance learning Masters in Public Administration
  • Achievement in City-led Transformation Award

CLGF scholarship for distance learning Masters in Public Administration 

CLGF is pleased to invite applications for a special bursary launched in partnership with the Institute of Local Government (INLOGOV), University of Birmingham for 75% of course fees for the new distance learning Masters in Public Administration. This year the competition is open to any woman working in the local government sector in a Commonwealth country. The deadline to apply is 30th March 2017.  

The programme
Earn your Masters in Public Administration and make a lasting impact on society with a practical understanding of public leadership and a global perspective. Further your career with theory and applicable strategies gained through the University of Birmingham’s advanced online platform: a modern solution for today's globally minded postgraduate, offering informed insights and flexibility to meet the demands of your schedule.

The online MPA course is taught through the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) and led by course director Catherine Staite. INLOGOV sets the standard for progressive thinking in the public sector, and helps give students access to an international network of leaders and experts. Advance your public service career and drive meaningful change globally with an online MPA. Add to your current skill sets with knowledge and practical tools rooted in proven strategies and the experience of our international body of module leaders. To offer proactive support during your studies, this course also provides a personal tutor who will help you to further your understanding and your professional goals. Conclude your MPA with a dissertation that brings immediate benefits to your organisation,  by using the theories you’ve learned and the understanding you've gained. 

The scholarship provides for 75% of the fees which are £11,000 - the balance (£2,750) to be provided by the student or her employer over the course of the programme. Selection is by essay and Skype interview.

To apply
You need to fulfil all the following criteria:
•    Be a woman 
•    From a Commonwealth country
•    With a first degree or similar level professional qualification from a recognised institution
•    Working for local government, a national association of local governments or in a central government ministry which relates to local government which is a member of CLGF 

You must submit an essay of no more than 3,000 words (not including references) on the following question: 

From a public administration perspective, what do you think is the most significant 
challenge currently being faced by local government in your country and why?

If you were the advising the local government association &/or minister responsible for local government, which three key actions would you advise them to take to meet that challenge and why?

Deadline: 30th March 2017
For more information, please contact Helen Hurford-Dawson on H.Hurford-Dawson@bham.ac.uk

City-led transformation award

Entry deadline now extended to 31 March 2017

CLGF’s partner Cities Alliance has partnered with the Financial Times/International Finance Corporation (FT/IFC) Transformational Business Awards for a special public sector award for Achievement in City-led Transformation.


The award, open only to city governments, is to recognise those cities that, since 2010 or later, have demonstrated tangible progress towards city-wide, integrated reforms across one or more of the following areas: 
Environmental – integrates planning and management of natural resources, with positive impacts on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies; integrates disaster risk preparedness improving resilience;
Social – demonstrates progress to promote an inclusive city that integrates gender equality, citizen participation with mutual rights and responsibilities;
Governance – demonstrates progress in promoting an enabling environment for inclusive planning, responsive administration, stable municipal finance within a culture of transparency and accountability;
Economic – facilitates enabling environment addressing both formal and informal economic activities that improve livelihoods, and promotes long-term, equitable and sustainable economic growth;
Services – demonstrates progress in citywide provision of and access to basic services such as housing, food, water, sanitation, energy, health and education.


The Transformational Business Awards are intended to highlight groundbreaking, long-term private sector solutions to key development issues. They are open to all financial and non-financial private sector organisations, with an emphasis on private sector-led public-private partnerships.


To apply

Further details are available at http://live.ft.com/transformationalbusiness 

The closing date for submitting bids to CLGF has been extended to 31 March 2017


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