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Women across the Pacific are increasing their skills and knowledge about operating local markets thanks to the UN Women Markets for Change (M4C) project delivered by CLGF, funded largely by the Australian Government. Read More
With 12th August marking 100 days before the start of CLGFs flagship event, the final countdown for the Commonwealth Local Government Conference 2017 has well and truly begun. Read More
Tourism is potentially an important part of local economic development in any community, often leading to visitors spending money way beyond the initial point of attraction. This is why so many local councils across the Commonwealth recognise the need to support local tourism alongside providing crucial of public services. Read More
CLGF and the Fiji Ministry for Local Government, Housing and Environment have signed an MOU focusing on the capacity building of towns and cities in Fiji. It lays the foundation for future collaboration and partnership between CLGF and the Fiji Ministry for Local Government, Housing and Environment. Read More
Striking a blow for gender equality, Sunai Village on the island of Moso has taken the lead in empowering women in their community by choosing a woman to head up its Village Tribunal Council. New Chairwoman, Mrs Leimalu Tapasei, was appointed by the female Executive, to make it the first all female council in the villages history. Read More

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