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Gender equity is a priority for CLGF members and the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is working towards gender equity and has set a target of a minimum of 30 per cent of women in public life – both in elected leadership positions and administration – including at the local level. A key focus is developing strategies to increase women's participation in decision making.



Women councillor's stories of effectiveness in New Zealand Local Government

This thesis asks: 'What are Women councillor's stories of effectiveness in New Zealand Local Government'?

Author: Louise Tester Publication year: 2014

Women in Local Government in Asia and the Pacific - A comparative analysis of thirteen countries

This comparative report draws together a picture of women’s involvement in local government in the Asia and Pacific region. It is based on 13 country reports prepared for ESCAP and LOGOTRI and highlights continuing barriers to women’s involvement in local government, initiatives that have increased women’s participation and the transformative leadership that women provide in local government. It also outlines regional and country-level strategies for increasing women’s involvement in local government

Author: Jean Drage Publisher: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Publication year: 2001

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