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Equitable and efficient service delivery is at the heart of local government’s mandate. The resources in this section focus on the management and delivery of key strategic, corporate and technical services, ranging from those for which local government has direct responsibility, to shared service provision, and services for which local government is a partner.



Making Politics Work for Development: Harnessing Transparency and Citizen Engagement

Too often, government leaders fail to adopt and implement policies that they know are necessary for sustained economic development. Political constraints can prevent leaders from following sound technical advice, even when leaders have the best of intentions. Making Politics Work for Development: Harnessing Transparency and Citizen Engagement focuses on two forces—citizen engagement and transparency—that hold the key to solving government failures by shaping how political markets function.

Author: Stuti Khemani et al Publisher: World Bank Publication year: 2016

Local government 2030: achieving the vision - conference background paper 

Background discussion for Commonwealth Local Government Conference 2015.  CLGF commissioned two “thinkpieces” Local government 2030 achieving the vision – the role of local democracy and good governance and Local government 2030 achieving the vision – the importance of local government in economic development and cities as engines of economic growth

Author: Lucy Slack, Bhaskar Chakrabarti, Joydeep Guha, Sue Bannister and Michael Sutcliffe Publisher: CLGF Publication year: 2015

Developmental local government: putting local government at the heart of development

Background discussion paper for the 2013 Commonwealth Local Government Conference, Kampala Research reports. The paper sets the context for developmental local government and reflects on what the term means in respect of the different systems of local government and approaches to local government across the Commonwealth. Chapter 1 looks at the global environment and how global challenges are impacting on governance, service delivery and development at the local level. Chapter 2 looks at how we define developmental local government in the different regions of the Commonwealth. It also sets out a case study on South Africa’s experience of defining developmental local government within a system of cooperative governance, and how it has impacted on development at the local level to date. Chapter 3 focuses on the fundamental enablers for developmental local government: The political framework, Financing local government, Human resource management and capacity, Enabling citizen participation Chapter 4 looks at key priorities for the post 2015 global development agenda and considers the role for local government in a post 2015 context as a key partner in development, providing a voice for local communities and implementing many of the key services essential to reducing poverty. Chapter 5 reflects on practical approaches to developmental local government and looks at different ways in which local government is playing a central role in local development. Chapter 6 reflects on the future and some of the key issues for discussion and debate at the conference

Author: Reneva Fourie Publisher: CLGF Publication year: 2013

Resource guide on decentralisation and local government

This resource guide provides practical guidance for designing, implementing and evaluating decentralisation reforms and local government practices to ensure they are as effective as possible. It also synthesises and presents current debates on the impact of decentralisation and local government on poverty reduction, service delivery and conflict as well as providing links to cutting-edge research and recent case studies.

Author: Zoe Scott and Munawwar Alam Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat Publication year: 2011

The state of Pacific towns and cities

This publication examines the urbanization process in the Pacific, the condition of urban infrastructure and services across the region, and the urban governance and management systems in place to manage urban development. The report points to ways in which Pacific governments, and other urban stakeholders can improve urban governance, management, and development within the Pacific.

Author: Paul Jones Publisher: Asian Development Bank Publication year: 2010

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