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About CLGF

CLGF promotes and strengthens democratic local government to support sustainable development across the Commonwealth and provides a collective voice to advocate for greater empowerment at the local level.


It does this through conferences and events; technical assistance programmes and research; and practitioner to practitioner support, promoting the exchange of good practice in local government policy, structure and services. 


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CLGF is a large, international network in itself which facilities its four areas of activities:

  • Advocacy
  • Programmes
  • Knowledge and research
  • Exchange networks

Membership organisation

CLGF uniquely brings together all levels of government, with more than 200 members in 47 Commonwealth countries, including: local government associations; councils; and ministries with responsibility for local government; together with associate members – universities and professional organisations. CLGF is able to call upon this solid base of experts and influencers to support the activities and programmes which contribute to the development of democratic values and good local governance, and effective local service delivery. CLGF convenes a collective voice in the Commonwealth. Read more about becoming a member.

How it began

Established in 1995, CLGF was endorsed by Commonwealth Heads of Government at their meeting in New Zealand the same year, receiving further endorsement at subsequent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings. In 2003, CLGF was given official recognition as an associated Commonwealth organisation of elected representatives. With official recognition by some UN agencies and international organisations and with a framework partnership agreement with the EU, CLGF is well-placed to influence policy development and lead on democracy.

Working with global partners

CLGF works closely with a range of partners including the Commonwealth, the United Nations and the European Union to promote and support democratic local government in the Commonwealth and to ensure that local government is recognised as an important sphere of government in development.  


With a diverse, Commonwealth-wide membership, CLGF actively implements activities in support of Commonwealth principles; placing an important emphasis on ensuring a voice for local government at Commonwealth summits, ministerial meetings and via the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG). 

CLGF Board

CLGF is governed by the CLGF Board which is elected every two years at the General Meeting of members. Find out more about how our Board is constituted and functions.


CLGF Business Plan 2015-18 The strategy for 2022 onwards will be available shortly.

CLGF Board

CLGF Board

The CLGF Board is the main governing body which decides CLGF's policies and priorities



Our partners

CLGF partners

CLGF works with Commonwealth and international partners, civil society and the private sector.


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