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With the Commonwealth Games in full swing, over 6,500 athletes from 71 nations are competing in 17 sports from 23 July - 3 August in Glasgow. The 2014 Games have offered Scotland a remarkable opportunity to promote both the country and the city throughout the Commonwealth and the wider world. The Commonwealth Local Government Forum congratulates the City of Glasgow, the Scottish Government and people for hosting this magnificent gathering and associated events. The Games are more than just about 11 days of sport. The success of the Games won’t just be measured in medals, but also in the creation of jobs and business opportunities, in the number of people getting active and making use of the facilities available in the community. The legacy of the Games is paramount, and will provide a wide variety of long term benefits to Glasgow and the local community.

Spending on sporting and other events can sometimes be controversial, especially in developing countries, but CLGF research shows that hosting such events can help cities take a leap forward in their development and bring social and economic benefits to the whole community as well as promoting a more positive image of the place. The Games have so far helped Scotland to secure 37 high profile events, with an estimated economic impact of £14m in addition to generating 30,000 new employments and training opportunities that will benefit Glasgow and other cities.

CLGF’s recent report released at a pre-Games reception hosted by the Lord Provost of Glasgow City Council to celebrate 2014 Year of Developmental Local Government, suggests that major events such as the Games result in direct social and economic benefits. These include increased local capacity, better infrastructure, improved economic relations, export sales and foreign awareness of local business opportunities and future tourism opportunities in addition to promotion of the city host as a ‘can do’ place.

For millions of Commonwealth citizens around the world, it is the Games that give the most tangible expression of what it means to be part of the Commonwealth and this raised profile should be actively exploited by CLGF and all other Commonwealth organisations. The 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow have brought together fresh inspiration to people of all ages, and in every member state and territory throughout the Commonwealth.  I was particularly impressed by the way the Commonwealth took a lead in using the opening ceremony for fundraising, to raise £5m to help change children’s lives across the Commonwealth - surely a model for future Olympics, Rugby, Soccer, World Cup and other global events.

Important webinar: Circular Economy

    Announcing - an exciting webinar on: the Circular Economy in the Commonwealth: the role of cities. This free, online event takes place on: Thursday 4 June 2020: 13.00-14.30 BST.

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