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Commonwealth Local Government Conference 2023 – why the theme of building resilience?
The theme of the 2023 Commonwealth Local Government Conference CLGC2023 is: Building resilience in local government to build back better. We explain why this subject is crucial as we go forward and why you should be in Kigali for CLGC2023. Read More
Decentralisation: vital to empowering local government to support post-Covid recovery
CLGF held a regional conference for its members in West and Central Africa from 25-27 July in Yaounde, Cameroon. The meeting was hosted by Hon Georges Elanga Obam, Minister for Decentralisation and Local Development (MINDDEVEL). Read More
Dominica local government: building resilience
In line with the theme of the Commonwealth Local Government Conference 2023 - Building resilience in local government - which takes place in November in Kigali, Rwanda, we wanted to take a look at why this issue is so crucial on a very localised and personal level. Read More
CLGC2023 conference and website launched!
CLGC2023 was formally launched last week at a virtual panel discussion and press conference, open to CLGF members and representatives of High Commissions across the Commonwealth. Read More
Cameroon: Investing in secondary cities
Cameroon understands the importance of transport support infrastructure: to support economic development, allow people access work and livelihoods, and to keep goods and people moving - especially in secondary cities. Read More
Commonwealth Local Government Conference 2023 announced!
CLGF is delighted to announce that the next Commonwealth Local Government Conference (CLGF 2023) will take place in Kigali, Rwanda from 13-17 November 2023. Read More
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