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CLGC2023 - Building resilience in local government

20 October 2023


As excitement mounts for our imminent Commonwealth Local Government Conference, which is being held in Kigali, Rwanda from 14-17 November, we explain why YOU should be there! Everything you need to know can be found on the official conference website.

Previous conferences

Looking back at the last CLGC2017 in Malta, we celebrate the event with this short video clip.  Just like CLGF2023, this is the one opportunity in the local government calendar when the local government family from across the Commonwealth can come together in person. By ‘family’ we mean the many constituents and stakeholders that make up this important group and we are proud to include individual councils, cities, national and regional LGAs, government ministries – with senior politicians, leaders, decision-makers and practitioners from both spheres of government. Our ‘family’ also extends to civil society, the public and private sectors, professional organisations and academics who provide the crucial data and research on which we can base our future strategies.

Coming together

Technology has made it possible to meet virtually, and CLGF is proud of recent events looking at promoting and supporting women in entering public life at local government level; or the Youth and the City dialogues where we held discussions with local governments in Commonwealth regions to find out what young people want and need to be better involved and to engage with local democracy. This conference is an opportunity to come together in person to discuss, debate, share and to set priorities for the work of CLGF – the voice of local government in the Commonwealth.  The Conference results in an outcomes statement and this then feeds into high level discussions, such as CHOGM and through CLGF’s membership of other prestigious groups.


With a Research Colloquium shortly before the main event, this conference will take the form of plenary sessions and keynotes with senior representatives from the Commonwealth; the working groups on a number of topics will be more interactive allowing an important and intimate level of debate; and the study visits, exhibitions and informal networking will produce an informal opportunity to meet peers and build contacts for future.

CLGC2023 Theme

This year’s theme is of importance to local governments everywhere – building local resilience. Particularly devastating for Small Island Developing States (SIDs), but severely damaging to all countries of the Commonwealth, this event looks at how we can prepare for eventualities such as climate change, pandemics, natural disasters and economic downturns. It will look at best practice and how we can strategise to minimise the loss of life; the damage to our infrastructures, economies, environment; how to build fiscal resilience and mitigate the extra burdens that fall on women at times of challenge and disaster. Preparing in advance and being ready with the righ course of action to bring about an effective recovery.

Join us!


It is CLGF’s members who provide our mandate to represent Commonwealth local government. And it is our members who provide insight, intelligence and best practice – guiding our own work programme for the future.


We really hope you will join us at CLGC2023 where you will receive a warm welcome from CLGF and our hosts, the Rwanda Government, via the Ministry of Local Government; and the Rwanda Local Government Association – RALGA.


Everything you need to know can be found on the official conference website.



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