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New head of CLGF announced

30 March 2021


Ms Lucy Slack was announced as acting Secretary-General of CLGF, with immediate effect, in an official statement today by Rev Mpho MBW Moruakgomo, Chair of the Local Government Forum Board.

Respected and influential voice

Lucy has worked for the Forum for more than twenty years and been an integral part of its growth and transformation into a respected and influential voice for the local government sector. This role has included driving policy, leading campaigns and overseeing all the major programmes undertaken across the Commonwealth.


Rev Mpho MBW Moruakgomo said: "These are undoubtedly unprecedented times. Seeing CLGF’s success over the last year in not only maintaining, but strengthening the relationship with our members, I am confident that we will continue to grow and achieve in all areas of our work with Lucy leading the organisation."  

Determining strategic priorities

Lucy will continue to spearhead CLGF's advocacy and said: "I look forward to continuing the important dialogue with members to determine CLGF’s priorities and strategic direction. Sustainable urbanisation, climate change, gender equity, decentralisation and building economies from the bottom up, will continue to be key focal areas of the Forum, as we work towards the post-Covid recovery."

Stronger together

She continued: "It is a great honour, and a challenge to be invited by the Board to take on the role of acting Secretary-General of CLGF, as Greg departs to head up Cities Alliance. It is a role I am proud to embrace. I am committed to working closely with our members and partners to position local government to meet the challenges we face with cooperation and collective action. We are stronger when we work together."


Linked to CLGF's future strategy, a Survey is being sent to all our members. Your input is important and valued, please let us have your views.









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