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CLGF secures second phase of SGA funding! 

17 January 2020



CLGF has just secured a second, significant raft of funding from the European Union in the form of Phase Two of the Strategic Grant Agreement (SGA).  


The SGA is part of CLGF’s strategy to implement the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) with the EU and this second phase is being led by the CLGF Caribbean office. 


Support to networking for women and sustainable cities


The grant will enable CLGF to implement the policy commitments that were agreed when the FPA with the EU was signed in 2015. This includes building on CLGF’s existing work to localise the Sustainable Development Goals; support Local Economic Development and decentralisation; and  provide significant support for some of CLGF’s core activities by strengthening the Commonwealth Women in Local Government Network (ComWLG) and the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network (CSCN). 


Local government as a partner in global development


The value of this grant is €2.4 million and it will support activities in South, West and East Africa, as well as the Pacific and the Caribbean. It runs until June 2022 and comes at a relatively critical time. As EU policies and budgets are currently under review, this is an important opportunity for CLGF to demonstrate the importance of supporting the role of Local government as a partner in development globally.


Working with members across the Commonwealth


Sandra Singh, CLGF’s Regional Manager for the Caribbean said: “CLGF is very proud of the achievements to date. We are delighted to be delivering this programme and look forward to working with CLGF members across the Commonwealth to ensure that we continue to enhance local government’s role as a core partner in development.”


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