Commonwealth Local Government Forum

Climate matters in Belize

10 November 2021


Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City, Belize and CLGF Board member, together with Mayor Earl Trapp and Dr. Geraldo Flowers (Town Administrator, San Ignacio, Santa Elena) were invited to represent Belize as panelists at the Cities and Climate Change: Project Development for Municipalities Regional Workshop hosted by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (5Cs).

Risks, challenges and opportunities

The forum was designed to engage local government bodies in the region in meaningful dialogue regarding climate risks affecting their municipalities; the challenges in addressing these risks and opportunities for high impact and transformational investment.


As well as being a source of pride for Belize City, to be able to provide such strong representation in this crucial discussion, it is also extremely important to explain the local impact of climate action and the damage caused not only to people and buildings, but also to road infrastructure, connectivity and, ultimately, the economy and employment. 


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