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Commonwealth Games 2022

28 July 2022


As the Commonwealth Games 2022 is about to commence in Birmingham, UK, we would like to wish everyone involved every success.

Commonwealth diaspora

CLGF is concerned with local government in the Commonwealth but, in turn, local government is all about communities and people. That is what, we believe, is at the heart of events like the Games. Birmingham is the UK’s second city and its diverse population benefits from a rich cultural mix of people from the Commonwealth diaspora – in particular, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, but reflecting the whole Commonwealth. Sport is about so much more than competition and personal validation, it develops many personal skills that are transferable to other areas of life and nurtures team spirit, cooperation and collaboration.

Reflecting communities

Representatives from the 54 Commonwealth member states are in Birmingham, ready to show off their prowess in a number of sports, after years of dedicated training. What they all have in common is that they not only represent a particular country, they also reflect the community in which they were nurtured – be it within a city, town or village. Each participant has a backstory that involves local people and each one is a source of great local pride. Every Games relies on local volunteers to add a unique welcome and ensure the event runs smoothly.

CLGF throughout the Commonwealth

As for CLGF, we shared office space with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and witnessed first-hand the hard work that goes into delivering the Games – before, during and after the event. CLGF has its headquarters in London, but we are also proud to have a strong presence across the Commonwealth in our CLGF regional and project offices. Each time someone crosses a finish line, or achieves a personal best, CLGF will be cheering and celebrating, regardless of the country.

Sport centred challenges

It has been a difficult period since the last Games were held in 2018 on the Gold Coast of Australia with a number of challenges facing the world. For the next few weeks, we will take great delight in enjoying the 2022 Games, where the challenges and struggles are centred on sport and national achievement.


We send our very best wishes to Dame Louise Martin DBE, President and Katie Sadleir, CEO at the CGF; to the athletes and national teams; to the enthusiastic volunteers; and to everyone enjoying this spectacle, wherever you are in the Commonwealth.


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Communities at heart of games

  As the Commonwealth Games 2022 is about to commence in Birmingham, UK, we would like to wish everyone involved every success.

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