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COVID-19: Statement from CLGF

25 March 2020

Dear Members, Partners and Friends of CLGF,


We find ourselves in an almost unprecedented situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to write to all CLGF members, partners and friends in support of your efforts to keep yourselves and your communities safe during this difficult time as the global battle with COVID-19 unfolds; and also to let you know about the steps which CLGF is taking to make sure that it can continue to support you as appropriate during this challenging time. 


As an organisation, CLGF is following the guidance of the Governments in the countries where it has staff. Almost all of our staff are now working from home, and they are following advice regarding social distancing and self-isolation. This has been carefully planned to make sure that we can continue to deliver to our members. Some activities are being rescheduled or changed but, as far as possible, you should not see a change in our productivity. We are also using the time to do some longer term planning for future activities. As you know all major gatherings are being avoided in most countries where there are cases. We are therefore rescheduling project-related activities accordingly. We will do everything that we can to secure postponements, rather than have to cancel activities. We are also considering various options for our much delayed biennial conference.


If there are ways in which we could use the CLGF network to support your work further at this time, please let us know. We will continue to use our e-news, bulletin and Facebook and Twitter to stay connected and to share experience, and I would encourage you to do the same.  If you wish to share any of your experiences directly related to local government responses to COVID-19, please email Greg Munro directly, or email


In an interview in the past few days, our Patron Helen Clark stated that “governments must repurpose now – there is no more important issue than stopping a huge outbreak and beating it back when there is already one.”  You can watch the interview here.


Local government is at the forefront of dealing with the effects of the virus, and communities around the Commonwealth will be relying on your services as the situation continues to develop. The contribution that you are making to the effort to combat COVID-19 is absolutely invaluable, and is demonstrating again how important local government is to all citizens. 


We know this is an extremely worrying time for everyone, and that the situation is changing at an incredible pace. Our Patron Helen Clark and our Chair Rev. Moruakgomo join me in wishing you and your staff much strength and fortitude in dealing with the effects of the virus and look forward to the eventual return to a more normal situation.


Dr Greg Munro 


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