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EU Sustainable Cities funding opportunity

15 March 2021



The European Commission’s 3rd Call for Proposals for Partnership for Sustainable Cities is now open! Municipalities and regions are invited to put forward their project ideas to the Commission’s 2021 Call, to receive support. 


Established by the Commission in 2018 with a total fund of €164.7 million, the first Call for Proposals was launched in November 2018. This resulted in the approval of 16 projects, worth €53 million. In February 2020, a second Call covering all remaining funds (€111.55 million) was launched. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and following the lock-down of many local public administrations, only 26 proposals were selected for a total budget of €71.1 million.


The European Commission’s 3rd Call now invites proposals in respect of the remaining funds, amounting to almost €40 million.


Objectives and specifics 

The objective of the Call for Proposals is to promote integrated urban development through partnerships built among local authorities and partner countries in accordance with the 2030 Development Agenda.


Focus for proposals 

  1. Strengthening urban governance
  2. Ensuring the inclusiveness of cities
  3. Improving the resilience and greening of cities
  4. Improving prosperity and innovation in cities 


The priority of this call for proposals is to promote the EU development cooperation Rights-Based Approach, encompassing human rights, including participation and access to the decision-making process, non-discrimination (including Gender Equality) and equal access, accountability and access to the rule of law and transparency and access to information. Applicants must clearly indicate and explain how they address this priority.


Amongst others, applications from local and regional governments and their associations in Asia-Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean are encouraged. 


All criteria and available funds can be found on the dedicated page.


Deadline and procedure

The deadline for applications is 23 April 2021 16:00 CEST (Brussels Time).


To answer the Call for Proposals, please follow this link.


Any questions on the call can be addressed to 


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