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Global Day of solidarity: 22nd May

22 May 2020


Global day of solidarity


With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, a special form of solidarity has emerged among people everywhere. This includes a variety of acts of kindness - helping those in need and celebrating the frontline heroes. Today has been designated the Global Day of Solidarity in order to recognise and nurture the value of solidarity, hope and togetherness and show that we are Stronger Together.

Join local governments, communities and civil society coalitions around the world to start a butterfly effect for solidarity and hope.


Localising the SDGs

Solidarity is something that we will need to practise once the immediate dangers are over and as we face the enormous task of economic and social recovery. Working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is even more important, and ensuring that communities understand the SDGs and strive to localise.


How to get involved

To find out more about how you can mark this day and involve yourselves in an ongoing movement of solidarity, check out the website. 


This includes a range of toolkits and information about the UN SDG Action Awards! The Solidarity in Action Award will honor the most heartwarming and impactful acts of humanity that improve the lives of others, inspire resilience, and lift hopes in the ongoing global health crisis. Nominations can come from everyone, everywhere.


Use butterfly wings on zoom backgrounds; paint, create and share art; write messages of solidarity on signs, host colorful meetings or share heartwarming and impactful solidarity stories from your community. These inspiring acts of humanity improve the lives of others, inspire resilience and lift hopes in the ongoing health crisis. 


Spread this unique feeling of solidarity to help us through the challenges of this virus - from the health aspects, to loss of income, to the practical aspects of self isolating and  the loneliness of social distancing.


Stay updated with the campaign 

Stay up to date with news, announcements and the best stories from the SDG Action community and help spread the word about the importance of the SDGs.

Follow the UN SDG Action Campaign:  FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInYoutube


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