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Jabalpur Incubation Centre launches new business

30 October 2020


Emphasising the importance of local economic development in these challenging times, the Jabalpur Incubation Centre (JIC) proudly hosted a launch ceremony for the digital platform of one of its new start-up businesses on 29 October.

Quality goods from rural India

The business in question is a platform which links crafts produced by rural local artisans, coordinated by local self-help groups into a widely accessible online shopping cart. This initiative, named AAJIVIKAA is one of the social enterprise start-ups being supported through the innovated programme of support to incubation centres Jabalpur on which CLGF has been partnering since 2016. Working to balance support to both tech and non-tech start-ups has been at the core of CLGF’s programme, which includes encouraging space for social entrepreneurs in the JIC - which was traditionally catering only to tech-startups. The businesses taking part in the incubation centre support programme were provided with ongoing mentors, and the opportunity to bid for small grants. In the case of AAJIVIKAA, CLGF & JIC also saw the opportunity to link the start-up to the State Rural Livelihood Mission further ensuring its sustainability and multiplier effect mission. 

Addressing challenges of COVID

This is part of a wider project working with the Jabalpur Incubation Centre and Jabalpur Smart City. As with all CLGF projects, every effort it being made to ensure that work continues in the face of COVID. Many of the local economic development activities have actually been adapted slightly to contribute to the ongoing challenges, with a view to the recovery period.


CLGF Project Officer for the Asia region, Ms Anuya Kuwar said: "This is a very proud moment for the LED project in India and all the partners. We hope to see many of the fledgling projects get off the ground and see great success." 

Centre for business creation

This is a pleasing addition to the reputation of Jabalpur as a centre for business creation, which remains a keen priority with training opportunities on Local Economic Development for social entrepreneurs, first generation entrepreneurs and non-tech start-ups. This all forms part of the LED project funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Department Officer (FCDO, the department formerly known as DFID).




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