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Jo Cox Foundation celebrates four years

23 September 2020

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Jo Cox Foundation. Jo Cox was a committed, passionate and effective UK Parliamentarian. The Foundation was established in 2016 by Jo's friends and family to build a legacy for Jo, and to create something positive from the tragedy that was her murder.


Empowering women in Southern Africa

Jo was, and is a true role model for Sustainable Development Goal #5 – the empowerment of women and girls – and, through the Jo Cox Foundation, local government is a proud beneficiary of their support. Working with Gender Links, CLGF is using a grant from the Foundation to run a project in four countries of Southern Africa : Eswatini, Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe - to empower women and girls, economically and politically. 

Watch and share the new anniversary film. 

Update on empowering women in Southern Africa

Find out the latest about our exciting project in Southern Africa, which is really changing lives!


To date, CLGF and Gender Links have established and strengthened four Commonwealth Women in Local Government (ComWLG) networks in Southern Africa, targeting at least 200 women councillors. In Eswatini and Lesotho, ComWLG networks have been established and are currently formulating strategies for increased women’s participation in local government. In Zimbabwe, the project has supported the lobbying and advocacy for the inclusion of special measures for women's participation and representation at the local level, for consideration in the Constitutional Amendment Bill no.2. 


Networks for young women

In addition, four ComWLG networks specifically for young women, targeting 200 women aged 35 and under, have been established in the four target countries and are undergoing mentorship. The project is also facilitating mentorship and training for young women to prepare them to take up leadership positions within local government.


Women entrepreneurs have been networked. Four Commonwealth Women in Local Economic Development networks have been established. The networks are targeting at least 200 vulnerable women, including survivors of gender-based violence. The women are being mentored and trained to grow their businesses. Other women entrepreneurs are being linked to markets and financial services to grow their businesses.


Networking the networks

These networks for women have been mobilised to join the Community of Practice to promote networking across networks. CLGF and Gender Links have used the project to share the life and legacy of Jo Cox.  We are privileged and honoured to be the torchbearers of Jo Cox‘s legacy.


We send out thanks and best wishes to the Foundation and are delighted to keep Jo's legacy alive in such an appropriate and impactful way. Find out more about the work of the Jo Cox Foundation by going to the website


Project background 

The Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) is working in partnership with Gender Links (GL) to enhance the political and economic empowerment of women and girls in Southern Africa through the development of interlocking networks linked to centres of excellence for gender in local governance. The project focuses on increasing the political and economic participation of women in four countries: Eswatini, Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe; and will establish networks of women in local government, young women in local government, and women in local economic development. The partners will establish a community of practice to track service delivery targets and will provide a platform for over 100 women to share their stories of change. The aim, overall, is to reach 10,450 women, 1868 of whom will be directly taking part in project activities; with a view to sustaining networks for women to support each other in achieving gender equality in local governance.


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