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Kathmandu welcomes the Policy Forum on Development

20 October 2019

CLGF Programme Manager Claire Frost joined over eighty representatives of Asian civil society, local and national authorities, European Union institutions and Member States as they gathered in Kathmandu at the end of September for the 3rd Asian Regional Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development. Top of the list of discussion topics was the progress made on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Progress in planning and implementing projects


There was broad agreement that progress had been made, particularly in the area of involving multiple stakeholders in planning and implementing projects linked to the SDGs. There still remains a lot to be done, however, to be able to achieve the 2030 Agenda in the upcoming 10 years. A shrinking space for civil society and a lack of resources for local authorities are among the greatest challenges to be dealt with. Climate change, migration and gender inequalities are also accelerating the need to act now.


Recommendations for future development policy


During the three days, participants worked on a series of recommendations for the EU institutions to consider for future development policy. The need was underlined for more systematic data collection; capacity building at the local, regional or national level; and exchange, as well as transfer, of already identified good practices in the implementation of the SDGs across Asia. Collaboration and partnership can be the key to finding solutions to the common problems; and multi-stakeholder platforms like the Policy Forum on Development are definitely a very useful tool in this respect.


The event produced an outcomes statement and further information about the meeting can be found on the event website


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