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Let the Games commence

02 April 2018

Excitement is mounting as we await the opening of the 21st Commonwealth Games in Queensland. Anticipation is at an all time high for some amazing performances by athletes from across the Commonwealth in a number of different sports.


If you have a passion for the Commonwealth, take a look at this short film about the Games which has been syndicated by CNN, ESPN, Sony Pictures India, Channel Seven Australia and others; and tweeted by the UK Prime Minister, Australian Sports Minister and others.


But how does this fit with Local Government; and what do local councils have to do with this major international event?  Well, for every Games, it is a local or city council that takes on the enormous task of hosting the event; and it is the people of that community that play host, welcoming athletes from all points of the Commonwealth. Local government also plays a role in providing sport and lesiure facilities - recognising the direct link between health and exercise; together with PE and sports activities in schools, nurturing talent and encouraging interest. Finally, and very importantly, every athlete that takes part in the Games is not only representing their country, but also the community in which they grew up, and where they trained. 


The next significant Commonwealth-wide event is CHOGM2018 which is taking place in the UK from 16 April with the theme Towards a Common Future. Watch this film; enjoy the Games; and celebrate being part of the Commonwealth and the progress Local Government is making to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. And take to Twitter using the hashtags #localgov #gc2018 #theCGF





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