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Local Governance and LED in Southern Africa

24 June 2019

CLGF is busy preparing for the Southern Africa Regional Conference, which is taking place on 25 and 26 June in Lusaka, Zambia with the theme – Promoting Local Governance and LED in Southern Africa. 

The conference has been organised to showcase how countries in the region are working towards more integrated planning and development as part of their efforts to ensure no one is left behind in the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Southern Africa. 

A unique aspect of CLGF is that, as a local government body, it represents all spheres of the sector. Members include councils of all sizes: rural and urban; cities; national and regional associations; but also government ministries responsible for local government. 
Another exclusive characteristic of CLGF is that it has a strong presence around the Commonwealth, with staff and activities in the regions. This CLGF regional conference in Lusaka is a prime example of both.


The regional conference is being hosted by the Ministry of Local Government, under the auspices of Hon Vincent Mwale MP, Minister of Local Government, in partnership with the Local Government Association of Zambia (LGAZ). Members from many countries in the region will come together to share their experiences, exchange learning and good practices and make key recommendations to further strengthen local government as an effective partner in development and ensure achievement of the SDGs. 


ICT as a tool for development


This includes promoting decentralisation, good local governance, local economic development, gender equality and gender responsive local governance, ICT as a tool for development, and service delivery, many of which are being implemented through CLGF’s programmes in the region. 


More sustainable and influential network


Deputy Secretary-General Lucy Slack explained: “The event aims to bring together our members who are key implementers of these global agendas, at a time when governments across the Commonwealth, and the globe, are implementing transformative global agendas such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), Climate Change Agenda, and Urban Agenda among others. These global agendas are complementary but they all have a local dimension to ensure that development challenges are addressed in an integrated manner.

More specifically, the conference is expected to: 

•    Raise awareness of local government’s role in the effective use of LED as a tool for reducing poverty and achieving the SDGs
•    Gather inputs from CLGF members on key priorities for more effective localisation of Agenda 2030
•    Promote gender mainstreaming and women’s political leadership in effective localisation of the SDGs and ensuring that no one is left behind
•    Explore opportunities for ongoing regional dialogue and knowledge sharing to effectively localise the SDGs in the region

Follow the progress of this event on Twitter - #CLGFZambia2019 - and Facebook. 

Image courtesy of Matthew Grollnek



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