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Climate smart gardens in Ghana

30 January 2018

CLGF’s partners in Nadowli Kaleo District, Ghana have been raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating Climate Smart Gardens.


Creating innovative livelihoods

As well as demonstrating what the SDGs mean to our everyday lives, the Climate Smart Gardens are helping to combat hunger, increase the growing season and create innovative livelihoods.   


CLGF Project Manager Claire Frost said: “This project touches on a number of the SDGs, really achieving the objectives agreed with our partners, the European Union, and helping people to understand how working towards the SDGs can make fundamental changes to our communities. CLGF's Jane Lumumba is working in close coordination with the District Assembly to ensure that the project responds to idenitfied needs in the community and we are so pleased with the progress to date."


Building on success

Nadowli Kaleo District took part in CLGF's DFID funded pilots running from 2012-2016, focusing on Local Economic Development (LED). This new work on SDGs, supported by the EU, dovetails on the original project by demonstrating in tangible terms how LED can support and help to localise the SDGs.


The current pilot projects in Ghana are taking place in Nadowli-Kaleo and Ayensuano, with an additional two work plans coming on line soon in Tema and Asufano North.


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