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Malaysia holds second Local Government Convention

23 October 2019

Malaysia's 2nd Local Authority Convention took place in Penang earlier this month, just ahead of the Asia Pacific Urban Forum. 


Presided over by the Minister of Housing and Local Government, Hon Madam Zuraida binti Kamaruddin, the event gave representatives of Malaysian Local Government the opportunity to come together to discuss important issues around governance and service delivery. It also gave CLGF Secretary-General, Dr Greg Munro, the chance to reprieve his role in addressing the audience on the importance of strong leadership, and building the capacity of local councillors, as a follow-on from his input to the 1st Local Authority Convention, back in 2018.


Enthusiasm and energy


"It was an honour to be asked to address the event again," explained Dr Munro. He added: "I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of the participants at the event - the local government councillors and officers alike. There was a tangible determination to make improvements and create successful communities. And it is always a pleasure to meet with the Honorable Minister Kamaruddin, who also serves as a CLGF Board member."  


Pictured, CLGF's Secretary-General can be seen receiving a plaque from the Minister of Housing and Local Government depicting a typical Kampung house, to thank him for his participation. 


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