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New CLGF publication - City Spaces

26 February 2024


CLGF is pleased to share a new publication - the Cities Spaces newsletter. Developed by the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network (CSCN), it provides an overview of some of the key activities undertaken by the CSCN in 2023.


It highlights regional meetings, learning events, peer-to-peer exchange, and activities responding to the five priority areas of CSCN:


  • Devolution and city empowerment - strengthening urban democracy, governance and finance.
  • Enhancing economic development in urban areas - Commonwealth cities and trade.
  • Building smarter cities - using ICT more effectively to improve service management and delivery.
  • City inclusiveness and resilience - making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, as an entry point to achieving the SDGs.
  • Youth in cities - ensuring city leaders improve the lives of young people, empower them in social, economic and leadership roles and make services and opportunities available to them.

Role of cities as leaders

The coming year will be an important year for cities in the Commonwealth as we work toward both the UN Summit for the Future, and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Samoa. Resilience will be at the centre of these discussions and the role of cities as leaders in ensuring inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable communities, connecting the economic with social amenities and environmental infrastructure will be at the forefront of CLGF’s agenda.

Materials and partnerships

As well as informing you about the work of the CSCN, the newsletter aims to provide you with information about material and partnerships that you can draw on in your work as city leaders, administrators and practitioners. CLGF welcomes interaction and feedback with all our members and we invite you to tell us which themes and activities you would like to see the CSCN prioritising over this coming year.

CSCN as a powerful resource

The CSCN offers a mix of on-line and in-person activities, as well as research and tools for cities. The network also works to leverage partnerships and funding to support and amplify the work of our city members. If you have not already done so, sign up to the CSCN, so that we can keep you up to date with our city focused activities.


To find out how to get more involved with the network, feedback, or sign up to keep updated, contact Janine Xavier-Cross, CLGF's Senior Programme Officer, Networks, using this link.


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