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New Leadership at CLGF

27 February 2024


We are delighted to announce that following the CLGF Board meeting on 22 February 2024, Mayor Bernard Wagner, representing the Belize Mayors Association, is the new Chairperson of CLGF. We also have two new Vice Chairpersons – Hon Georges Elanga Obam, Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Cameroon, and Hon David Kolade Alabi, representing the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria.


There is now a newly constituted Executive Committee which will include the Chairperson and two Vice-Chairpersons, as well as members from across the Commonwealth, namely:


  • Cllr Kevin Bentley, LGA, UK;
  • Cllr Jeannette Nyiramasengesho, RALGA, Rwanda;
  • Cllr Xola Pakati, SALGA, South Africa;
  • Mr Dewan Kamal Ahmed, Municipal Association of Bangladesh;
  • Hon Richard Frederick, Ministry of Local Government, St Lucia; and
  • Minister of State, Ministry of Panchayati Raj


Read the complete list of the CLGF Board and Executive Committee.


The current Board was elected in Kigali at the General Meeting of Members and will serve a two-year term. We congratulate the new leadership, and we thank all Board Members for their commitment to strengthening the voice and capacity of local government across the Commonwealth.


In handing over to the new Chairperson, Immediate Past Chairperson, Rev Mpho MW Moruakgomo thanked the Board, staff and members for the tremendous work that they do and for the support which they had given him during his tenure in the role. He wished the new leadership well and looked forward to seeing the organisation continue to represent local government effectively across the Commonwealth.


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