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Pakistan local government adopting a territorial approach

02 August 2019

CLGF's London based project officer for Pakistan, Noor Akbar, has been out in Pakistan for two weeks delivering training to a diverse group of local government politicians. 


TALD framework


As part of CLGF’s EU-funded project to strengthen the capacity of the local government associations, the training relates to the Territorial Approach to Local Development or TALD, a way of delivering development that is favoured by the EU. The process focuses on a participatory and inclusive approach, ensuring that all stakeholders are involved in determining the needs and priorities to inform future activities. 


Consultative and inclusive approach


Project Officer for Pakistan, Mr Akbar explained: “TALD is a framework which is all about placing local government at the centre of everything to work with a variety of partners: the different levels of local government, civil society organisations, business and the community. To adopt a consultative and inclusive approach. These training sessions were all about explaining the framework, the way it can be used and why it is so important.”


Three councils, spanning rural and urban areas in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, were selected to take part and around 60 representatives from each attended the sessions. Also taking part were the devolved departments, for example, social welfare. The District Mayors were present for the whole process.


It was particularly important to deliver this workshop dialogue now as the current term of office of local government in Khyber Pukhtunkhuah ends on 28 August, with new local elections hopefully taking place in December. Demonstrating local government’s capacity to channel local community needs into official planning and delivery processes will reinforce the legitimacy of the local level government.


Project to demonstrate real outcomes


Now that local government politicians have worked with CLGF to lead these processes of local consultation, each council will develop a small implementation project to demonstrate the real outcomes of the TALD process to local communities. This project implementation will be supported by the CLGF project team and the Provincial Local Councils Association (LCAKP).  


Mr Akbar said: “The training sessions have successfully illustrated the importance of adopting an inclusive approach to local development and we hope that this will be repeated in other councils and contribute even further to the strengthening of local government representation through the national associations.” 


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