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Pakistan: putting learning into practice

02 September 2019

Three important pilot projects have been selected as a follow-up to the recent training delivered by CLGF in Pakistan. 


The training, part of the EU-funded project to strengthen the capacity of the local government associations, focused on the EU Territorial Approach to Local Development or TALD framework, a system which ensures that priorities are determined through close cooperation with the community, incorporating the views of local people.  All three projects therefore impact on areas that are very important to the people in those districts. 

Uninterrupted education


Maradan District is building a new road leading to each of their two primary schools. At present, heavy rain and mud slides prevent the children from getting to the schools and the new roads will ensure that there are fewer interruptions to their all-important education. 


Improved filtration systems


Peshwar District has opted for a new water filtration system. After years of neglect, many of the pipes are broken or rusty, resulting in poor water quality and often leading to disease.  


Easier access to water


Malakand District’s project also focuses on the supply of water; they plan to dig a well and insert manual pumps to make the water more easily accessible.


Memoranda of Understanding are being signed between each of the three districts and CLGF and the important work in all three areas will start in the near future. 


CLGF Project Officer for Pakistan, Noor Akbar, said: “It is good to see practical activity following on from the training. TALD is the EU’s favoured way of delivering development and each of these projects demonstrates how stakeholders can be involved in the decision making by using a participatory and inclusive approach. The projects will therefore deliver outcomes that relate to the issues deemed most important by the local community.” 


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