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17 December 2018

CLGF took part in a high level, one day meeting with OECD members - the second meeting of the Steering Committee of the World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment.  


The meeting, which was held in Paris on 17 December, included representatives from AFD, UNCDF and UCLG, together with new partners - the Council of Europe Development bank and the Decentralisation and Local Governance Network (DeLog) - amongst others.


CLGF Secretary-General Dr Greg Munro explained: "None of the development work that is undertaken by local government can be done without finances and financial infrastructure. There is also a need for greater data sets on sub-national government finance and investments, which leads to the question of how to get this information data at the local level."


Discussions centred on activities carried out by members to promote and disseminate the World Observatory initiative and feedback from the Barcelona methodological workshop and data collection.


Preliminary findings, first highlights from aggregate results collected so far and acccessing statistical database through a dedicated interactive website, data extractiona nd visualitsations tools. 


The final session looked at the next steps and planning for the final international confernce which will be held next year in June.  


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