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Strengthening Pakistan local government

14 November 2020


CLGF’s work in Pakistan to strengthen the voice of local government representation is making great progress, even under strict social distancing conditions, made necessary by the global pandemic. 


These activities are part of a project funded by the European Union, which focuses on enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of the local government associations in the provinces and nationally. 

Crucial AGM held

In this last month a number of important activities have taken place, including holding the Annual General Meeting for the LCAKP. This meeting was crucial to approve a number of important decisions, and make plans for the association’s financial sustainability and intensified advocacy in the absence of the overdue local government elections. As well as appointing new members to the Board, the LCAKP was able relaunch its Women’s Development Committee, increasing its size, electing a chair and vice chair and agreeing a number of strategic priorities. 


CLGF’s HQ-based project officer, Mr Noor Akbar, was able to go to Pakistan and offer on-the-ground support and assistance in organising these meetings. He was able to share strategic insights on the upcoming EU Programing process and wider Commonwealth priorities such as Local Economic Development and the Territorial Approach to Local Development. 

TALD pilots making progress

Mr Akbar was also able to visit some of the TALD pilot projects underway in KP. The Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD) is a process which ensures that development priorities and activities are determined in partnership with local stakeholders, incorporating the views of local people. Projects developed through this TALD approach include work at union council level to improve water filtration systems in Peshwar, and road construction in Maradan District, to improve access to a set of primary schools. 

Giving local government a voice and tackling inequalities

Mr Akbar said: “In spite of Covid and its very damaging impact, our partners in the local councils associations have still been pushing forward the local government agenda. We are very grateful to the European Union for their support and hope to be able to continue to support the local councils associations up to the next local government elections. The use of technology has allowed meetings to continue by taking place virtually, and the recent AGM and Women’s Development Committee mean that the LCAs are re-energised to  give local government a voice and to tackle inequalities.”


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