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Reporting on local government at COP26


As the New Year begins, climate action – and particularly climate justice – remain crucial issues, globally and, more importantly, locally.


In November 2021, CLGF publicised the special session at the 26th Conference of the Parties – COP26 – held in Glasgow, UK, which focused on local government and cities. Well attended, thought provoking and highlighting so many important issues, CLGF is pleased to make available a report of the whole session.

Dynamic, strategic dialogue

CLGF partnered with the well-respected organisations - Cities Alliance, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the British Academy (BA) to deliver a dynamic, strategic dialogue on how to best serve the local authorities and communities on the frontline of climate change and, in particular, those living in informal settlements - shedding light on the matter at the international level. 


Climate action is an important issue for everyone but CLGF believes that it starts with local government. It is in our communities where the impact is so severely felt; taking lives, but also causing decades of damage to economies, livelihoods and infrastructure.

This is why local governments and the organisations that give voice to this important and all-encompassing sector has to be involved in finding solutions, both at the highest, strategic level and also at grassroots with people at the heart of solutions. 

Harnessing the strength of the CSCN

Keep up to date with the work CLGF is doing with a variety of partners - local and national governments, research institutes and academics, thought-leading, global organisations - on climate action - and also rapid urbanisation and sustainable development and, of course, the Sustainable Development Goals. CLGF is a multifaceted network in itself, but this focal point of our work is to be channelled through CLGF's Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network. The aim is to harness the strength of the expertise, experience and shared best practice to support local government, as the sphere of government closest to the people, and working closely with our members. 




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