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11 May 2020


The Circular Economy in the Commonwealth


Announcing - an exciting webinar on: the Circular Economy in the Commonwealth: the role of cities. This free, online event takes place on: Thursday 4 June 2020 - 14.30 BST.

Cities are harnessing circular economy principles to reduce consumption and combat the climate emergency. Join this free webinar, organised by the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, the Commonwealth Business Women's Forum, London Waste and Recycling Board and Bloomsbury Trust.


To attend this important webinar, please email


This webinar, part of the Circular Economy Week London 2020, will discuss how cities are harnessing circular economy principles to reduce consumption-based carbon emissions in order to combat the climate emergency. It will showcase and celebrate the work being done in London and other Commonwealth cities, bringing together policy makers, thinkers and practitioners from the public and private sector, financiers and marketeers as a platform for building more resilient, resource-efficient cities. 












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