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The sustainable urbanisation agenda in action

19 January 2024


A recent publication by UN Habitat entitled Sustainable Urbanization in Commonwealth Countries provides a 60 page expose, illustrating interventions and progress toward advancing the sustainable urbanisation agenda at a national level. The publication showcases Commonwealth-wide action and transformation, alongside key statistics, funds spent, projects implemented, and it wraps up with some country level recommendations and asks.


From Local Voices to Global Action

UN Habitat has been a strong supporter of the Commonwealth's Sustainable Cities initiative of which CLGF is a leading partner. The publication demonstrates practically the support that UN Habitat is providing to Commonwealth countries in line with the Commonwealth Call to Action on Sustainable Urbanisation. It reinforces that leveraging the power of the Commonwealth to promote sustainable urbanisation is already demonstrating change and powerful transformation at all levels of government. 


Importance of data

CLGF Secretary-General Ms Lucy Slack welcomed the publication, emphasising the importance of gathering facts and data on the situation in each member state. She explained that CLGF's work on sustainable urbanisation is enhanced by the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network (CSCN), launched by CLGF in 2015 to respond to the city agenda. The network is working towards supporting the CLGF membership and actors more broadly in advancing the New Urban Agenda and achieving Sustainable Development Goal 11 (make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable). Ms Slack stressed the importance of improved policies; global, Commonwealth, regional and national advocacy; exchange of experience, city to city partnerships; shared learning; targeted programmes; and strengthened city leadership. 


Join the network

Any Commonwealth city where their parent ministry or local government association is a member of CLGF, or where they have individual membership of CLGF,  can become a member of the CSCN. For more information about joining the network, contact Janine Xavier-Cross, Senior Programme Officer - Networks.





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