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Pacific project web page launched

02 December 2020

UNESCAP - the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific has launched a new webpage to highlight an important project in the Pacific, which seeks to localise the Sustainable Development Goals.

Disseminating achievements

Nasinu Town Council in Fiji is one of the four pilot capital cities selected by UNESCAP and the project is being implemented by CLGF's Pacific Office. As well as providing general information about the Localising the 2030 Agenda project, the webpage serves as a platform to disseminate the achievements of all partners throughout the project to date. 


This page provides a great opportunity to preserve the institutional memory of the project beyond its lifetime, serving as an important regional repository of case studies for localisation of the SDGs and Sustainable Urban Resource Management in the Asia-Pacific.

Pilot cities project milestones

As well as a comprehensive overview of the rationale and context of the project, there are individual pages dedicated to each pilot city, to record the project milestones, research products and workshop outcomes. 


The link can be found on the UNESCAP website and should be shared with local partners, networks and local government representatives who want to learn more about the progress and outcomes of this project. 

Crucial work of local government

CLGF Pacific Programme Manager, Ms Karibaiti Taoaba said: "This is an excellent way of spreading the word about this important work. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals relates to so many aspects of local government work and is an integral part of our everyday lives. Localising this work will be even more important, as we tackle the aftermath of Covid."


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