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Resourcing local government remains a central challenge to effective decentralisation and for local government to be able to deliver its mandate;  it is a key issue for CLGF members.


The 2017 Commonwealth Local Government Conference - Fit for the future: capacity and resources for effective local government - will focus on how local government is financed and how resources can be used most effectively. 

CLGF reources on local government finance


Municipal finance for inclusive development, CLGF Research Paper, CLGF 2011


Municipal infrastructure planning and financing, report of the CLGF roundtable, Vancouver, September 2008, CLGF 2008


Financing decentralisation and local government to meet the MDGs, paper by the CLGF and ComHabitat submitted to the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting, Guyana, 15-17 October 2007, CLGF 2007


Obtaining a municipal credit rating, an introduction to the principle of municipal credit ratings and how they can benefit local authorities, with case studies of good practice, CLGF 2006


Municipal finance: innovative resourcing for municipal infrastructure and service provision, CLGF2006

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