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Strengthening local government’s role as a partner in development

The EU-funded project aims to help CLGF’s members in partner countries to perform their legal and institutional mandate for transparent and accountable decision-making and service delivery at the local level; and to become active development actors in implementing the SDGs. It aims to 
•    strengthen the structure and capacity of CLGF; 
•    enhance local government capacity at the national level in the selected countries;
•    improve the capacity of local government associations and their members to influence the interests and practices of national  governments, as well as regional and international mechanisms, thus contributing to national, regional and global policy-making and policy implementation processes, including at the EU level.


The programme is targeting five key regions - Caribbean, Pacific, Southern, Western and East Africa – but will involve activities which benefit stakeholders across the Commonwealth.  It will include work at the local, national, regional and Commonwealth level. 

Leadership and capacity development At local level the project is focusing on building leadership, institutional and operational capacity in line with the priorities of good governance and in the context of the new SDGs. It will also focus on strengthening local government’s role in multi-stakeholder governance involving other local organisations including NGOs, CSOs, ratepayer groups and others who work with local government. Working with local stakeholders pilot projects will be developed in six target countries and 15 pilot councils.

Increasing the skills and capacity of elected officials and staff Local government associations will be a key target group at national level: around 500 administrative and elected officials in at least 15 LAs, officials and technical staff from service providers, officials from national local government associations, and selected training institutions, will benefit from sustainable capacity development initiatives which will ensure that they have increased skills and capacity to support and improve local development in their communities 

Developing decentralisation The project will work in six focus countries, with the national local government associations and other relevant stakeholders to develop and revise policies to strengthen the decentralisation framework and related implementation plans.


The objective of the national level activities will be to support the development of improved decentralisation policies, improve multi-level governance, and strengthen implementation capacity by focusing on developing and rolling out implementation plans.

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