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Digital technologies to promote women's inclusion in politics in local government

As personal and professional lives grow more and more reliant on digital tools and platforms, CLGF through the Commonwealth Women in Local Government Network (ComWLG), has supported development of a range of digital /online tools and materials to support women’s political engagement.


These digital tools have been developed to support implementation of gender and local governance training and navigation of the increasingly dominant world of social media.


Below you will find a mix of tools which use digital technology to increase the reach of capacity building for women to join and advance in local government.


These tools were developed with support from the European Union and are free to use. The ComWLG network will continue to develop and disseminate tools designed for specific member countries, regions and for Cross-Commonwealth support to women in local government.

Recent Webinars:

Hear about the tools available by watching the dissemination webinars:

Digital Tools:


  • Description: Training Module to support prospective and elected women representatives. In addition to the module a set of 11 digital tools/videos provide tips, tactics and key information on the local government system and the role of elected women leaders.
  • Target region/country:  South Asia – India, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.
  • Language: Marathi with English subtitles
  • Partners: Resource and Support Center for Development (RSCD)

Digital Tools & Links:



  • Description: Social Media campaign development, to support development of online learning tools and materials for new and existing councillors.
  • Target region/country: Jamaica
  • Language: English
  • Partners: The Association of Local Government Authorities of Jamaica (ALGAJ)

Digital Tools:

  • Social Media Guidebook: Guidelines for using social media
  • Digital Resource Toolkit (Social Media Manuals, Workshop slides, templates, resources)



  • Description: Dialogues and training sessions highlighting the challenges faced by elected women in Pakistan and strategies to overcome these.
  • Target region/country:  Pakistan
  • Language: Urdu and English
  • Partners: Local Councils Association of the Punjab (LCAP)



For information about the Commonwealth Women in Local Government Network, email our Senior Programme Officer-Networks: Janine Xavier-Cross.

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