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Welcome to the Month of Mentoring! #ComWLG


What is the Month of Mentoring?

Commencing 1 August, the Month of Mentoring is a key initiative of the Commonwealth Women in Local Government network (ComWLG). It aims to highlight the role of mentoring as a tool to increase the representation of women in local government. There are a number of initiatives to help improve technical skills and build capacity, but relatively little to encourage women to stand for public office; and, once they take on the role, provide support in undertaking their role as local leaders. 

Why is it important?

Research commissioned by CLGF (to be published at the end of the Month of Mentoring) clearly demonstrates the importance of mentoring and its impact on empowering women to have a greater role in the planning and decision-making of our communities.


The Month of Mentoring continues throughout August but, as a prelude, CLGF is holding two webinars on mentoring, featuring a number of experts, practitioners and stakeholders.


Catch up on the webinars and hear what women 'in the know' have to say.

How to join in the Month of Mentoring?

  • JOIN OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: raise awareness of how mentoring can help make local government leadership more inclusive by running your own campaign. A social media tool kit is available on the Resources link to support you.

It contains a series of slides with infographics and messages to use on twitter, facebook or instagram, with some suggested dates for publication. But these are only guidelines, please use the materials in a way, and at a time that best serves your audience.



  • FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA (Twitter and Facebook) and share these important messages - 'like', 'retweet' or add your own message. 

Do this individually AND/OR involve your organisation/network’s communication platforms.


  • HOLD YOUR OWN DIALOGUE: bring your members and partners together for a discussion on mentoring and how best it could be used to support women in your local government system. You can find a number of slides and resources to use on the Resources link. 

If you want to hold your own dialogue, the first file in this link contains all the materials you need, to be adapted as you see fit: a blank PowerPoint slide; proposed slides and an agenda; and, most importantly, a feedback form to let us know how you get on!

  • SHARE EXISTING PROGRAMMES AND EXPERIENCES: Let us know about the initiatives and good practice in your country. Share with us your stories, research and reports so these can be included in the CLGF Knowledge Hub.


Over the course of the Month of Mentoring, CLGF will be making available information and case studies about mentoring from across the Commonwealth. At the end of the Month, CLGF will be publishing the paper Mentoring for Women’s Political Advancement and Leadership which will help guide the Forum’s future work on Mentoring as part of the ongoing work of the Commonwealth Women in Local Government Network (ComWLG).


For information about the Commonwealth Women in Local Government Network and the Month of Mentoring, email our Networks Officer: Janine Xavier-Cross.


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