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Local Economic Development and global trade
Local Economic Development is an important focus of much of CLGFs work. Working with a diverse range of partners to support and mainstream LED, local government is boosting local economies by increasing jobs and livelihoods. Read More
European Union - Africa Summit 2022 declaration
Local government was firmly in the spotlight at the 6th European Union African Union summit last week. With a whole day dedicated to cities and regions on 14 February. Read More
Celebrating 25 issues of the Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance
Why is academic research so important to local government and decision-making, as we go forward. Graham Sansom, Associate Editor of CLGF's academic journal, explains. Read More
East Africa regional cooperation continued
After a successful opening day of the East Africa Local Government Forum, the second day began with feedback from the participants on the key outcomes that had emerged. Read More
Local government Day at the Africa Europe Week
Africa-Europe Week is a period of events and thematic debates for a stronger people-centred relationship, running from 14 to 18 February 2022. Read More
East Africa regional conference - Day 1
The 7th meeting of the East Africa Local Government Forum kicked off on Monday 7 February with delegates from across the East Africa region and the globe in attendance. Read More
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