Commonwealth Local Government Forum

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

13 September 2022


We join with our Commonwealth local government family around the world, in our abject sadness at the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth.


She served the Commonwealth with dignity, honour, grace and good humour and, most importantly, with consistency. Her commitment, dedication, service, and affection for the people of the Commonwealth, the diversity and richness of our great network, has never faltered or diminished.


While taking time to accept this enormous loss, we want to acknowledge the important contribution that Her Majesty has made to the development and strengthening of the Commonwealth, leading us with wisdom, compassion, but also with great foresight and vision.


We celebrate the life of Her Majesty the Queen and the legacy she leaves; her willingness to change and adapt which, in turn, has helped the Commonwealth evolve into the vibrant and important network that it is today; and the incredible role model she has provided us all, as a strong woman leader.


Now, however, is a time for reflection and we express our condolences and deep sympathies to the Royal Family for their personal loss, and our deep gratitude for her unique service to the people of the Commonwealth.


Rest in peace, Your Majesty.


Official statement.


(Image courtesy of the Commonwealth Secretariat)


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