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08 May 2018

The future for local government in Zimbabwe is looking positive, according to a recent Local Government leaders' interface meeting which took place at the end of last month.


A team from CLGF, led by Secretary-General Dr Greg Munro attended the event, which aimed to provide a 'dialogue' between the local government leaders in Zimbabwe and the Minister for Local Government.


Continuing support

Addressing the meeting, Dr Munro explained that CLGF has its origins in Zimbabwe as the country was a founder member of the organisation. In spite of the country leaving the Commonwealth, CLGF has never left Zimbabwe, continuing to work to support local government in partnership with the Ministry, local government associations and local authorities.


He recounted how, with funding from the EU and DFID, CLGF has supported local authorities to make improvements both individually and institutionally, increasing capacity in 15 selected councils and training organisations, leading to more effective service delivery. Knowledge about the Constitution among local authorities has increased, with enhanced stakeholder and public participation, and partnerships at local levels.


Responding better to members

Dr Munro said: "The improved institutional and organisational capacity of ZILGA and its affiliates is allowing them to better respond to members’ needs. And there is improved revenue mobilisation and financial management integration - something that local government everywhere needs. More specifically, LED capacity has been increased in the five pilot local authorities."


Going forward, CLGF in partnership with the ministry, local government associations and with funding from the EU, will be extending support under the new Project - Enhancing local authorities' contribution to governance and development process in Zimbabwe. The support will cover:


  • local authorities capacity building, particularly up-scaling Service Level Benchmarking and performance improvement plans;
  • participation of local communities in planning;
  • implementation of service delivery and socio economic development at the local level; and
  • rolling out and up-scaling LED.


Open for business

Addressing the meeting, the Minister of Local Government Hon July Moyo emphasised the need for local government to ensure that they are open for business as well as investment; and expressed his gratitude for CLGF‘s support to local government in Zimbabwe.

The CLGF team also included Regional Programme Manager Nyasha Simbanegavi; Project Manager Leopold Bhoroma; Project Officer Elizabeth Makonese and Finance and Administration officer Shumirai Chuma.



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